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NiSi Titanium UV – 77mm

4,500.00 ฿

Material : Optical Glass
Filter Type : UV Cut-395
Filter Size : 77mm

  • Titanium Alloy Frame It’s light, hard, anti-corrosion, heat-resisting
  • Ultra High Definition Optical glass
  • Matte Black inside the frame
  • UV Cut Nano Coating Nano coating cut the UV light below 395nm
  • Lens Standard Optical Glass Lens standard optical glass H-K9L
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NiSi TI PRO NANO UV CUT-395 Filter (Titanium Frame)

Most of circular filters are made of brass/aluminium frame, but these kind of materials are heavy and not ideal under cold weather conditions. Because of that, NiSi created a Titanium Alloy Frame Pro Nano UV Cut -395. It’s made of Titanium Alloy Frame with Nano coated optical glass. They feature a lightweight, durability and high definition design