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NiSi Cinema 4″x 4″ Nano Soft IR ND Grad 1.2 (4 Stop)

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Type :  Graduated ND Combination
Combination Type : IR Attenuation
Graduation Type :  Soft Edge
Graduation Direction : Horizontal
Density : 1.2 (4 stop)
Shape : Rectangle
Dimensions : 4″ x 4″ / 101.6 x 101.6 mm
Weight (Metric) : 0.14 kg
Filter Thickness : 0.16″ / 4 mm
Filter Material : Glass
Construction : Single piece of H-K9L optical glass with dual-sided nano coating technology

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The camera is different from the human eye. The dynamic range of the human eye is quite wide allowing us to easily see detail in bright and dim areas simultaneously. While modern cameras have made great advances in range, they are still not able to match what we can see with our own eyes. They have trouble holding detail in scenes with a wide range of tones. To compensate for this, we can use ND Grads (short for Graduated Neutral Density Filter) to selectively darken an area of the frame.

Creating the IRND Grad

NiSi’s IRND Grad uses the same patented infrared damping coating technology as the IRND filters. It absorbs the light from the IR spectrum, up to 1200 nm, effectively eliminating IR light pollution from reaching your sensor. This ensures that you are able to accurately and uniformly capture the full spectrum of visible light.

Smooth Graduated Transition

The NiSi Nano Soft IRND Grad has a smooth graduated transition.

Nano Soft IRND Grad

When used correctly, the Nano Soft IRND Grad is made to offer no obvious transition between the darkest part of the filter on the top and the bottom which is clear. This filter is perfect for situations where there you have an uneven horizon, such as a mountain or cityscape.

Without Filter

With NiSi Soft IRND Grad

Additional information

Weight 105 g
Dimensions 10.16 x 10.16 x 0.4 cm